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36th CIPSH General Assembly and Academic Conference

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- | Tokyo

The International Council for Philosophy and Human Sciences, established upon the initiative of UNESCO and UAI in January 1949, will have its 36th General Assembly in Japan, at the University of Keio, in August 2023. Almost in the eve of its 75th anniversary, the first 2 days will be devoted to internal affairs, including the approval of amendments to its Constitution and By-Laws, the election of a new Board and Executive Committee and the approval of a new mid-term roadmap, following the accomplishment of the aims set for CIPSH in 2014 and the assessment of ongoing and prospective projects. The General Assembly will be followed by two days of an Academic Conference, discussing several central research themes and projects. It will start with a special session co-organized with UNESCO, launching in Asia the new Humanities driven project of UNESCO (BRIDGES). This is a very important instrument for all Academies and members of CIPSH, as it clearly states the central relevance of Humanities for communities, from history and anthropology to philology, linguistics, archaeology, or literature – the session will focus on examples of ongoing contexts where this approach is already in progress. The Conference will be followed by several roundtables engaging all the members of CIPSH on the relevance of Humanities in the domains of Health and of Technology. Also, the relation between Arts and Humanities and the dimension of Humanities in Education, including the freedom of research, will be focus of debates. Over 200 leading experts from all continents are expected to join the Conference.