Union Académique Internationale

Humanities and Social Sciences International Association Founded in 1919

General Assemblies

The General Assembly, consisting of all the delegates present, shall deliberate and take decisions on all questions of a general nature, on collective projects for research or publication, on the management of the UAI’S finances, and if required on the dismissal of the Bureau or of any of its members. Decisions of the General Assembly shall be taken by simple majority of votes cast, except in cases where the Statutes or Regulations prescribe otherwise. Member Academies have four votes, and Associate Members one vote, for each country. The General Assembly shall meet at least once every other year, convened by the Bureau within six months following the closing of the financial year. The meetings shall be held at the headquarters of the Association or at any other place indicated in the convening notice which shall be sent to the members fifteen days at least before the date of the meeting, by registered letter or any other confirmation means.

NameDate Location
2019 General Assembly - Institut de France, Paris
2017 General Assembly - The Japan Academy
2015 General Assembly -
2013 General assembly -
2012 General assembly -
2011 General assembly -
2010 General assembly -
2009 General assembly -
2008 General assembly -
2007 General assembly -
2006 General assembly -
2005 General assembly -
2004 General assembly -
2003 General assembly -
2002 General assembly -
2001 General assembly -
2000 General assembly -
1999 General assembly -
1998 General assembly -
1997 General assembly -