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The Face in Medieval Culture. East and West. A Micrologus International Conference

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- | Saint-Petersburg

4th July, Thursday

9.30 Greetings: Agostino Paravicini Bagliani, Kristina Sasonko, Oleg Voskoboynikov

Constructing the Face

Presidence: Valentino Pace 9.45-10.30 | Jean Wirth (Maisons-Laffitte), Face, trois-quart et profil dans l'art médiéval

10.30-11.15 | Alexandr Babin (Moscow), Full Face and Three-quarters representations in West-Indian Miniature Painting, XIIth-XVIth Centuries

Presidence: Andreï Vinogradov

11.30-12.15 | Michele Bacci (Fribourg), Beards and the Construction of Facial Appearance in the Middle Ages

12.15-13.00 | Evgeni Steiner (Moscow), _Faces without Individualisation: the Art of Portraiture in Pre-Modern Japan

Construing the Face

Presidence: Joseph Ziegler

14.00-14.45 | Nicolas Weill-Parot (Paris), Puissance des visages célestes et des visages. terrestres : Marsile Ficin et l’exploitation d’un mot

14.45-15.30 | Olga Togoeva (Moscow), Visage inconnu de la sorcière

15.30-16.45 | Roberto Poma (Paris), Les faces cachées du visage: astrologie, physiologie et morale au XVIe siècle

Presidence: Kristina Sasonko

17.00-17.45 | Anna-Maria Makarova (Moscow), Portraits de rois dans les fresques duMonastère de Béthanie (1207): une synthèse des traditions byzantines, orientales et régionales

17.45-18.30 | Andreï Vinogradov (Moscow), Holy Faces from the Caucasus: Ancient Legends, Modern Myths

18.30-19.00 | Discussion

5th July, Friday

Policies and Politics

Presidence: Agostino Paravicini Bagliani

9.30-10.15 Mikhail Boitsov (Moscow), The Face of the Dead. Political Rituals in Medieval Empire

10.15-11.00 Valentino Pace (Roma), La faccia e tre casi: un papa, un imperatore, una nobildonna

Presidence: Mikhail Boitsov

11.15-12.00 | Dominic Olariu (Marburg), Le visage du gisant au XIVe siècle

12.00-12.45 | Fiodor Uspensky (Moscow), Facial metaphors in Toponymy of Old Rus'

12.45-13.30 | Agostino Paravicini Bagliani (Firenze), Rabelais et le visage du pape

Faces and Texts

Presidence: Roberto Poma

14.30-15.15 | Danielle Jacquart (Paris), Observation du visage et diagnostic médical à la fin du Moyen Âge

15.15-16.00 | Alexeï Muraviev (Moscow), Face of the Sinner and Face of the Just: Ascetical Physiognomy in Eastern Syriac Mysticism

16.00-16.45 | Joseph Ziegler (Haifa), The Plurality of Faces in Pre-Modern Physiognomy.

Presidence: Danielle Jacquart

17.00-17.45 | Francesco Santi (Firenze), Percuotere il volto: per una storia dello schiaffo

17.45-18.30 | Oleg Voskoboynikov (Moscow), Visage lisible au XIIIe siècle

18.30-19.00 | Beyond the Face. A final discussion animated by Agostino Paravicini Baglianiand Gerhard Wolf


Arts Square Gallery, Italyanskaya str., 5