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Conference : Latin in Medieval Britain: sources, language, and lexicography

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2013 is the centenary of the proposal for a new dictionary of Medieval Latin that led to the start of many dictionary projects across Europe. It also sees the completion of the final fascicule of the Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources.??To mark these events, the DMLBS - Dictionnary of Medieval Latin from British Sources - will be holding a conference in Oxford from 12th to 14th December. The conference will provide a forum for the consideration of British Medieval Latin in its historical, intellectual, and linguistic context, examining the diversity of sources and genres, and looking at relevant issues in lexicography and linguistics.Our distinguished list of speakers includes Charles Burnett (Warburg Institute), Mary Garrison (York), Andy Orchard (Oxford), and Richard Sharpe (Oxford), as well as the longest-serving editor of the DMLBS, David Howlett.

More information : http://www.dmlbs.ox.ac.uk/conference-2013