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The Real Academia de la Historia launches a website for professors and students in History

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The Teaching Resources Portal of the Real Academia de la Historia (RAH): a new tool to support the teaching of History in secondary and university education.

The Real Academia de la Historia, on its website, has designed and made available to all interested public a new space of free access training and teaching resources that is especially aimed at the educational community of teachers and students of History at secondary school and university levels.

In this space, it collects a wide range of audiovisual materials (video recordings of conferences, educational activities and historical thematic spaces) made by the RAH from 2013 to the present. They are arranged, for greater ease of use, in three complementary sections:

  • Chronological Index: materials are distributed according to their inclusion in the classic temporal categories of Ancient History, Medieval History, Modern History and Contemporary History.

  • Thematic Index: materials are articulated according to their thematic subject in the categories of History of America, Historical Geography, Historiography, Biographies, History of Science and Technology, Ideas, Religion, Art, Literature and Military.

  • Author Index: activities are registered according to the author or authors of the same in alphabetical order of last name.

Direct access telematic link: https://www.rah.es/recursos-formativos/

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