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World Humanities Conference

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Actu_Humanities Conference

Liège will host the World Humanities Conference from Sunday, 6 to Saturday, 12 August 2017. Co-organized by UNESCO, the International Council for Philosophy and Human Sciences (ICPHS) and LIEGETOGETHER, this congress will gather about 1800 participants from all over the world working in the fields of science, politics, art and communication, as well as representatives of international, governmental and non-governmental organizations.

The IUA will take part into the organisation of this event.

The content has been broadly drawn by the ICPHS and UNESCO. It is about elaborating a global reflection on the Humanities and their part in a polycentric world from a transcultural perspective.

UNESCO has pinpointed the main challenges of a “planet in transition”: the population increase; the reorganization of territories; the migratory flows; the energy and environmental constraints; the cultural standardization in the light of globalization and, conversely, the structuring of new identities; the emergence of the digital society which often leads to a dual society.

The humanities were at the heart of both public debate and the political arena until the Second World War. In recent years their part was fading and they have been marginalized. It is crucial to stop their marginalization, restore them and impose their presence in the public sphere as well as in science policies.

The World Conference’s Proceedings will be published by UNESCO in open access.

More information on : http://www.humanities2017.org